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* Winning The Pick 3 Lottery System
* Belgium
* Chile
* Contact Us

$10 OFF Pick 3 Lottery System During After Christmas Sale

Let me teach you my Pick 3 Lottery System with PROVEN examples.
ALL results can be VERIFIED by visiting your State's Lottery Archives.

I stand 100% behind my System offering you my unconditional 60 - days
money back guarantee.

If others can do it, how about you?

Welcome Pick 3 Lotto Players,

My name is Robert Walsh and I have been researching the Pick 3 numbers
for more than 15 years.

I am proud to present you with my proven PICK 3 lottery system

(1) DOES NOT ELIMINATE ANY PICK 3 NUMBERS. All Pick 3 numbers are

(2) Includes a Money Management and Investment Strategy that other
systems don't provide.

Get Your FREE Gifts Now....

* FREE Gift - "Free Pick 3 Lottery Tips".

* FREE Complimentary Copy of my "Pick 3 Hot Sheet" Newsletter.

* To receive your FREE Gifts simply enter your first name & email
address below. Your email address is completely safe and will never
be shared with anybody.

Of all the guys that offer a lottery system on the internet, you are
the only person who actually responds to emails and offers help (I
know..... I have wasted a good amount of time and money on the other
ones). I'm truly grateful. You're a scholar and a gentlemen, Sir!


This is my favorite lotto game. I'm eager to get started with your book
on how to win Pick 3, especially if it's anything like your Pick 4 book
which I already have....because I know coming from you it's an honest
and legitimate system.
I say this only because of your honesty and loyalty to your customers,
and for having a "TRUE AND HONEST SYSTEM" that really works.

Mr. Walsh,
I have been doing great here in Carolina with your system.
This week I hit big with 343 (8.24 midday draw) for $4230, and last
week $1000 with a straight winning on 536 (8.16 midday draw). Your
system paid for it all. Thank you.
Because of the time I took studying your program to figure out what
strategy to use, it is now paying off. Now I pay bills off one by one.
Thanks again, Mr. Walsh.

Pedro......................from the Carolinas
Illinois Winner "613"

Things You Need To Know About Learning My System

-> There is a learning process involved in order to be successful.
-> Learning is subjective to each person. Each person has developed
individual study habits over the years including reading and
comprehension. Some individuals are quick learners while others take
longer to comprehend the system and how to use it correctly. Once you
successfully learn my system, you have it for a LIFETIME.
-> The required math skills are simple basic addition and subtraction.
-> Spending the individual necessary time to learn how to use the
system correctly becomes your responsibility. Learning the strategies
and how to use them is DIRECTLY RELATED TO YOUR SUCCESS. One's own
personal determination and commitment leads to a completed successful
learning process.
-> Many examples are included in this system to serve you as learning
-> I provide email support. I DO NOT GIVE NUMBERS.........I TEACH WITH
-> The player, purchaser, should learn how to use the strategies
correctly before using any of his or her own money. There are no
shortcuts to learning - read the testimonials.
-> Since my system is different than most other ones which use filters
avoid using any previously learned techniques from other systems than
can alter the results of my system.
-> This system deals with Pick 3 numbers and how they are connected to
each other. It can be applied WORLDWIDE in any Pick 3 lottery because
the numbers are universally the same in all these lotteries.
New Jersey Winner "693"

Mr. Walsh,
Last week, July 31 to August 6, I'm finally reaping the rewards of all
my hard work in learning your strategies. I had six hits out of 8 draws
--- 1 straight win and 5 box wins. I'm very happy to say your
strategies really works in NY! Thank you.

C.G......................New York
Mr. Walsh,
Your strategies are the Very Best! Every month I am hitting 10 - 15
times per month. That's 8 - 11 straight wins and 3 - 5 box wins. Thank

Ricky.......................from the Carolinas
Bro. Walsh,
I'm one of the slow ones to learn. You were patient with me and
answered my questions two times.
I studied your strategies and learned to apply them properly.
Last week I won $500 and yesterday I won $580.
Thanks Bro. Walsh for a job well done!

History Of My Pick 3 Strategies

After I published my first book on the Pick 4 lottery, I continued my
research on the Pick 3 lotto that I started back in 1995.

I wanted to do it right and concentrate on one lotto game at a time. By
focusing on one game at a time I am able to provide you with my
strategies for the Pick 3 game.

I applied my Pick 3 strategies to the most
recent drawings from different State Lotteries around the United
States, the Canadian Provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and Western Canada,
Puerto Rico and other Caribbean Islands, Belgium, Chile Toto 3 and Toto
3 Dia, Peru Super 3, and Western Australia Cash 3 Lotteries.

I randomly chose different months in 2009 to test and retest the
strategies. I was simply "blown away" by the results that were
produced, not just in Illinois, but in every state and country I

The System I developed is unlike other systems in the marketplace
because I DO NOT use the traditional filters of hot and cold, odd and
even, high and low or overdue numbers. I do not use wheels either. All
these processes have a way of eliminating numbers. Once the player
eliminates one single digit, he or she creates losing numbers. Each
time one of the eliminated digits is drawn, then that number is an
automatic loser for the player.

My system has shown success with both the traditional ball drawings as
well as computer generated drawings.

I scored back-to-back exact wins for the first time. It really helped
me out a great deal when I learned to apply your strategies correctly.
Rob, thanks for your system and your help.

HH..........................North Carolina

Computerized number generators are attractive to many folks because
they suggest less work. You put in all your information....the computer
sorts it out and filters the categories you have entered....and gives
you the results.

BUT, how do you know which category to choose? It's like playing darts,
you play whatever numbers your dart hits, and HOPEFULLY, they are the
right ones. Any INCORRECT or BAD choice gives you a list of LOSING

Did you know that for every single digit you eliminate from your play,
you eliminate 271 possible winning straight combinations.

If you ELIMINATE "1" from your play, then every drawn number that
contains a "1" makes you an "Automatic Loser". Often times you know
you are losing, but you can't figure out WHY?....this is one of the

This Strategy Based System Is....

Brand New........it is the first time anyone other than myself has seen
this program.

Revolutionary........it does not use all the old over used and under
productive hot and cold, overdue, number frequency, or odd and even
filters that other programs use. And, there are NO Wheels.

Innovative........you do not have to deal with all 1,000 number

Simple........The math formulas are second grade addition and

Easy........I have done all the research and work for you.

Flexible.........interacts with Midday to Midday plus Midday to Evening
plus Evening to Evening and Evening to Midday results.

Relevant & Example Rich........I provide one month example for every
Pick 3 lotto game in the United States and Canada.

Worldwide........the book provides proven Strategies that can be used
in every known Pick 3 lotto game in the world including the United
States, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Caribbean, Chile and Peru.

NOTE: Learning my Strategies and how to use them correctly is directly
related to your success.

New Jersey Winner "467"

Up to now I hadn't written, but thought I'd let you know I have won
with your strategies. I won my 1st Triple on Sunday, March 13th, and I
had a box win on the Friday evening before, March 11th.
I highly recommend your Pick 3 strategies; they are the best (small)
investment I have ever made!


I bought your system and I WON!!!.....Your system works!....I'm
enclosing a copy of my winnings.
S...........................Quebec Province, Canada

These Pick 3 strategies are FAST becoming known to players WORLDWIDE.
The strategies have been purchased by players in the United States,
Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and other Caribbean islands of
Dominica, Netherland Antilles, St. Vincent & Grenadines, and around the
world, including Venezuela & Chile in South America, Western Australia,
Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Israel, Greece, France,
Belgium, United Kingdom and Ireland.

I have bought many different lottery books, and yours is the first one
that I have actually had work for me....and I won with it.

People have been blown away that I seem so good at picking the Pick 3
This is why your strategies are by far the best ones out there. It has
been a real blessing for me and my family. Thanks.


60 Days Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!
My personal promise to you....
If, within 60 days you are not completely satisfied with your purchase,
you'll get a refund for the full purchase price. No questions asked!

Do you want to learn "how to win Pick 3?"....My Pick 3 System may be
your answer.

You are able to download my Strategies in PDF-format using Adobe
Reader. If you don't have Adobe Reader downloaded on your computer, you
can download it for FREE by CLICKING HERE >>> Download Adobe Reader

To speed up your learning curve and save you hundreds of hours I'm

FREE Bonus Gifts for you....

FREE Gift #1 - State by State information and explanation of a little
known and underused play option.

FREE Gift #2 - Complete information and charts for the SUMS option.

FREE Gift #3 - My one of a kind PATENTED Tracker Chart provides crucial
information in identifying the next potential winning number with one
fully completed sample.

Our Regular
Everyday Low Price
$10 OFF
***ONLY $27***


When purchasing this Program by Robert Walsh through any of the order
links on this website,

you are verifying that you are 21 years of age or older.... or legal
age to play your State's Pick 3

Lotto per your State's Lottery Regulations.

Order Online Through Safe & Secure Server
For Immediate Access - Instant Download Click On "Buy Now" Button Below

Buy Now-
The soft cover paperback book is available for an additional shipping
and handling charge. Please contact me at
info@howtowinpick3lotterystrategies for details.
Money order purchases available....for more information contact me at
How To Play The Cash 3 Lottery

I recently received an email from somebody who wanted to know about my
Cash 3 System, but he/she had never played the Cash 3 lottery. So, I
thought I would explain the basics of the Cash 3 lottery for everybody
who is not familiar with the rules of the game.

This lottery game offers the player 1,000 winning sets of 3-digit Cash
3 numbers ranging from 000 to 999. These Cash 3 numbers are drawn by a
computer generated device or by 3 mechanical devices, one for each of
the 3 digits. Each machine holds ten (10) separate balls each one
numbered 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

As a Cash 3 lottery player, each set of 3 digits is drawn as a Cash 3
number which can be played to match the exact order, called
"Straight" form or played to match the 3 digits in any order, namely
"Box" form. There is also a ticket called "Combination" where the
player plays his/her number both Straight and Box on the same ticket.
These are the most common plays offered by all Cash 3 Lotteries.

If the player plays "123" for a Straight win, the winning drawn Cash 3
number must be "123" to have a winning ticket. In most Lotteries the
payoff is $500 for one $1 wager with the purchase of a Straight ticket.

If the player plays a "Box" ticket and if any of the following winning
sets of Cash 3 numbers are drawn in Straight forms....123, 132, 213,
231, 312, or 321, and the player played "123" with a "Box" ticket, then
he/she has a winning Box ticket. In most Cash 3 Lotteries one $1 Box
wager pays $80 for this type of Cash 3 number. Some Cash 3 Lotteries
offer a minimum ticket play for 50 cents on singular Straight or
singular Box tickets with payouts of $250 and $40 respectively. For
each Box ticket on a "Cash 3 Double" such as 112, 113, 223, or 332 a $1
Box payout is $160.

Each State Lottery sets up different rules and regulations that begin
with the name of their Cash 3 Lottery Game, what kind of wagering are
permitted, what the payouts on each winning ticket are, how many
drawings per day and times of each draw, and how much time is allowed
to cash a winning ticket.

Each State sets the payouts independently of each other. Except for the
Pari-mutuel System that divides all the wagered monies equally among
all ticket holders much like the racetracks do. The majority of
Lotteries set a fixed payout that every winning ticket holder receives
for all types of Cash 3 tickets .... Straight, Box, and Combination
based on the odds of the game.

Generally, for one $1 wager one Straight winning ticket pays $500. Some
States may provide a higher payout, for example, Iowa and Nebraska pay
$600. There are ten triples in the Cash 3 Game where all 3 digits
match....111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999, and 000. These 10
triples can only be played as a Straight ticket.

The Box ticket payout has 2 categories. The first category is when all
3 digits are different, referred as a "6-way"....123, 345, 789, etc,
with a payout of $80 for one $1 Box ticket. The second category is when
2 of the 3 digits match, referred as a "3-way"....112, 343, 788, etc
(known as a "double"). The payout for this category is $160 for one $1
Box ticket.

The other side of bets are known as "Pair Bets" where you wager on the
exact order of the first 2 digits ("front pair") or the last 2 digits
("back pair"). Some states offer a "split pair" where you wager on the
digits in the first and third positions exactly.

With the "Sum Bet" players wager on the total of all 3 digits with
payouts based on the totals coming out with these number combination.
They range from "0" for "000" to "27" for "999".

These are the possible ways of how to play the cash 3 lottery.

Copyright @ Robert Walsh

More Information....



Copyright Robert Walsh Enterprises 2011
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